1993 Successfully connected to a dial-up BBS from my Amiga 1200
2003 Acquired BA from DePaul University
2009 Acquired MFA from University of Illinois – Chicago
2010 Started work at Wright
Designed changes that increased time spent by 30% and page views by 350%
2013 Started work at Electric Pulp
Designed and built MOON, the #1 moon app in the App Store
Designed and built Blind which was featured on Daring Fireball
Built Duo with Electric Pulp which reached #1 in the Mac App Store
Started work at Facebook
2014 Designed and helped build Privacy Checkup
Helped launch custom gender options
Redesigned the Facebook privacy selector
Designed new birthday composer
Designed birthday celebrations experience
Designed and helped change the default privacy of Facebook from Public to Friends
2015 Started work on Facebook Groups
Wrote an article about the Destiny Companion app which was published on Polygon
Redesigned Groups composer
Designed comment replies for Groups
Helped build Facebook Design Resources iOS 9 template and facebook.design
Designed and built Tao Daily
2016 Designed and built Facebook Groups marketing site and lead a branding update
Designed seen state in Groups
Built Talk Turkey with Gabriel Valdivia
Built Framer Snippets Library
Designed recent tab for Facebook Groups app
Designed and built Verses
Judged a company-wide Hackathon at Facebook
Started work at WhatsApp
Helped build the Facebook Design Resources iOS 10 templates
2017 Started the podcast Bread Time
Designed WhatsApp Status
Released MOON for Android
MOON named Honoree in Best User Experience in the 2017 Webby Awards
Started the podcast Games UX
Designed Contact Info for WhatsApp iOS
Designed Photo Filters for WhatsApp
Designed Photo Albums for WhatsApp
Wrote article about Nintendo Switch UI featured on Daring Fireball
Designed Text Status for WhatsApp


I currently design WhatsApp. Before that I was the Lead Product Designer on Facebook Groups. I have also worked on a number of other teams at Facebook such as Privacy, Composer and Birthdays.

Before Facebook, I was working at Electric Pulp. While I was there, we built Duo, a macOS web browser for responsive web developers. I got my start in design and development at Wright, an auction house in Chicago.

I’ve also built and released independent apps, MOON, Blind Browser for macOS, and Tao Daily for iOS. MOON has become the most popular moon app in the world as well as won a Webby honoree. Blind was mentioned by Daring Fireball and has become a resource for web developers working in higher resolutions.

In my spare time I make music, play games, and relentlessly scour the internet with my wonderful gemini wife.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch.