In October of 2016, I joined WhatsApp, a messaging client used by over a billion people around the world. For a long time I had admired the principles in which WhatsApp designs and builds its product, so I was extremely excited to begin contributing to it.

My first project at WhatsApp was a new version of Status. WhatsApp actually got its start as an app where you could share a text status of what you are up to for your contacts to see. The new version of Status replaces the text-based status with rich photo, video and GIF updates.

Status Views

We built a simple and robust privacy model so you can control who sees your updates as well as who’s updates you see. They last for 24 hours and are fully encrypted end-to-end just like all your conversations on WhatsApp. We focused on performance and reliability, allowing these updates to work on networks in all conditions.

It’s a lot of fun and we hope you have fun sharing your Status with others. More coming soon!