In October of 2016, I joined WhatsApp, a messaging client used by over a billion people around the world. For a long time I had admired the principles in which WhatsApp designs and builds its product, so I was extremely excited to begin contributing to it.

Contact Info

One of my first projects was to redesign the Contact Info and Group Info views on iOS. The idea was to create an easier way to view the contact’s profile photo and access information and settings from the chat. We introduced iconography to help make sense of the large amount of information presented in this view.


Another project at WhatsApp was a new version of Status. WhatsApp actually got its start as an app where you could share a text status of what you are up to for your contacts to see. The new version of Status replaces the text-based status with rich photo, video and GIF updates.

Status Views

We built a simple and robust privacy model so you can control who sees your updates as well as who’s updates you see. They last for 24 hours and are fully encrypted end-to-end just like all your conversations on WhatsApp. We focused on performance and reliability, allowing these updates to work on networks in all conditions.

Photo Filters

Photo filters allow you to effect your photos. I designed the UI as well as 5 photo filters: Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome, and Film. This was a super exciting project since I used to be a photo retoucher. I had always dreamed of creating filters and I finally got the chance!

Photo Albums

Photo albums allow you to send a large set of photos without disrupting the conversation. We automatically condense many photos sent from a single particpant into an album. When you tap the album you are taken to a special view where you can see all the photos full width by scrolling.

Quick Reply

You can now swipe right on a message to reply to it quickly. A simple interaction which allows you to have conversations much more fluidly.