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In October of 2016, I joined the team of WhatsApp, a messaging service used by over a billion people everyday around the world. For a long time I had admired the principles in which WhatsApp designs and builds its product.

WhatsApp is focused on creating a simple, native, and reliable messaging app which is also secured with end-to-end encryption. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on.

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Facebook Groups

There are over 1 billion people who use Facebook Groups on a monthly basis to get things done, share with their families and friends, and connect to others around similar interests.

I worked on Groups at Facebook between 2014-2016. It was an exciting product to work on because I believe it helps facilitate some of the best conversations on Facebook by creating engaged and relevant audiences. Groups also make sharing to a limited audience easy to understand.

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Facebook Privacy

Originally written in 2014 for the Facebook Design Medium collection.

Last year when I came to Facebook as a Product Designer I was given a choice of which team to join. I had some great options to choose from, so it was not an easy decision. I chose to join a team I viewed as the most challenging, the Privacy team. I felt excited by the idea of bringing design to something that isn’t necessarily shiny, but is a fundamental construct of the service.

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Tao Daily

Tao Daily will present you with a single passage from the Tao Te Ching every day. You can also share these passages with others.

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I started MOON as a personal project to learn how to develop an app for iOS.

The goal was to create a lunar calendar to see the current phase of the moon. After I had finished the initial version of the app I published it to the App Store. It quickly gained a lot of attention since it was one of the only simple lunar calendars that focused on the experience of the moon.

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