Duo is a browser for responsive web developers that allows you to simultaneously build sites in two different sized frames.

Electric Pulp had the idea to build a web browser that would allow you to view and build sites simultaneously in both a mobile size and a desktop size. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Since I had been working on Blind Browser, I was familiar with some of the quirks of building a browser for OS X. I whipped up a prototype one afternoon and it was immediately clear that this was a useful tool that needed to be built for real.

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I work on a MacBook Pro with a Retina display as my main computer. I was looking for a convenient way to test what my sites looked like on a 1X display. There was no great solution, so I made one.

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I created my first WordPress theme. I call it Song.

Song is for writers who want a simple theme that loads incredibly fast. I tried to only focus on two things; readability and loading speed. So much in fact, that I am calling it the ‘fastest WordPress theme ever.’ I actually somewhat believe that statement.

I open-sourced it on Github if you’d like to play with the code.