I worked on Groups at Facebook between 2014-2016. It was an exciting product to work on because it helps facilitate conversations on Facebook by creating engaged and relevant audiences. Groups also make sharing to a limited audience easy to understand.
Groups cover a variety of surfaces, from desktop browsers to the Facebook mobile app. Groups serve a wide range of uses, from small friend groups to large interest based communities.
One of the great design challenges is that the product needs to work for a huge range of use cases. At the same time, the product needs to remain simple enough to educate people how to use it so they can get the most out of their experience.
I led a design team with the goal of advancing the product’s usefulness while retaining the familiarity of the Facebook experience which makes it accessible.
We worked in a collaborative environment with engineers, researchers and content strategists to create thoughtful product decisions.
We also actively sought out feedback from users and admins to stay in touch with how people are use the product day-to-day.


I worked on Privacy at Facebook my first few years at the company. It was an awesome and challenging product area.
We created a flow to help people adjust their privacy settings very quickly. Privacy Checkup gives people control, helps them understand their privacy and also aims to show how much we care about the privacy experience.
We simplified the audience selector and structured it to surface the most commonly used choices. We also explain who the audiences are and what the action of the selector does.
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