Fat Shark Dominator V2 Setup

Today was the first time I flew my QAV250 with my Fat Shark Dominator V2 googles. I had been using a 7″ Black Pearl FPV monitor attached to my transmitter since I got the QAV250. This was a good setup for learning to fly, but I have been very interested in the immersive experience of actual goggles.

Here’s the scoop, flying FPV with goggles is officially very fun. I felt far more attached to the quad. When I was in control, I felt more in control and connected, and when I felt out of control, I felt MORE out of control. I felt more sensitive to the quad and faster to respond in general. I loved it.

That’s the most important part. This is a fantastic and challenging experience I want you all to experience at some point.

The pain points:

1. Sound is real weird. You can hear the quad fly by but it’s disorienting because you are so immersed in the experience of the goggles. If you hear people in the distance it’s hard to determine if it’s a problem or not because it’s really complex to quickly think of your location in relation to the FPV view. Many run audio from their quad so they can listen as if they are in the quad as well. First person sound, one might call it. I think the audio problem is something I will get used to and I’m not concerned at this point.

2. Moving your head. The quad is moving and you can see that movement through the goggles, but if you move your head while the quad is moving you instantly feel nauseous. Too many axises to handle at once. The solution I have found this far is to simply keep my head still. That works great. You can also buy a 3-Axis Head Tracker for the goggles which can control the movements of a motorized camera that can be installed on the quad. That would probably help reduce the weirdness of not being able to affect the field of vision when moving my head. I am just going to deal with this as is for now because I like the simplicity of the setup.

Overall this is an awesome experience and I can’t wait to practice more.

Flying FPV