Most other moon phase apps suffer from two problems:

1. They overwhelm the user with too much information
2. They don’t take into account the feeling you can experience when viewing the moon

I decided I could use the opportunity to create a moon app.


My personal favorite feature of the app is the notifications. The moon sends notifications 24 hours before important moon events, just to warn it’s users of any forthcoming moon related unpleasantness.

The app gained a lot of popularity when people realized they could see the moon on their day of birth. There are hidden features such as the ‘moon harp’, which allows you to play songs in the stars (just shake your device to activate).


The app was named an honoree for Best User Experience from the Webby Awards in 2017. It also recently reached over 1 million users.

It’s been fun to slowly iterate the app over time. It now supports Apple Watch, Apple TV, iMessage and has a widget for the Notification Center. Recently I also built the app for Android.

If you happen to be a moon lover, I encourage you give it a try. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store.