I like knowing what the moon is up to. That’s all. I’m a casual observer of the moon. I’ve used many other moon phase calendars and they all suffer from two universal problems:

1. They provide too much information
2. They don’t put aesthetics at the forefront of the experience.

I decided I could use the opportunity to create my first iOS app. It was a great learning experience and even harder than I could have imagined. The hardest thing to get used to was that a software development cycle is quite different than being able to push code to a website at any moment’s notice. If something is broken, it’s going to take time before it gets resolved.


My personal favorite feature of the app is the notifications. Vague notifications are sent 48 hours before important moon events, just to warn you of any forthcoming moon related unpleasantness.


It’s been fun to slowly iterate the app as Apple releases new features. It now supports Apple Watch, Apple TV, iMessage and has a widget for the Notification Center. If you happen to be a moon lover, I encourage you give it a try. It can be downloaded from the App Store here.